3 Things Your Front Door Reveals About You

entry door

It’s the gateway to our own paradise. The entry into our family’s life. And one of the first things onlookers tend to notice. Our home’s front door. Whether we intentionally planned it or simply haven’t changed it since we first moved in, our front door serves a purpose that extends beyond keeping everything inside secure.

The impression you’re creating may not always match the one you’re aiming to evoke. A lot of this has to do with the color, material, and style of door. It doesn’t take much to give your door the perfect look but before you embark on purchasing a new entry door, take some time exploring the message you wish to send off to the rest of the world AKA your neighbors, family, and friends.       

Color: Your Personality

orange door

The color of your entry door specifically reveals a lot about your personality. Recent trends have suggested that you should find a color that is unique to your personality. For example, if you’re bold and daring, a bright red could do the trick, as red represents high-energy, passion, and courage. Some colors have the ability to evoke not so popular or less desirable personalities such as orange. Orange is generally a color that represents adventure, optimism, and fun; however, on a door, orange can give off the impression of “weird” or “unconventional.” Sometimes it comes down to people’s personal opinions because an orange door can be cool and mysterious. Onlookers will want to know who lives inside the home with the orange door.

Style and Design: Your Beliefs

rustic door

From a sleek and modern door with panels of frosted glass to a rustic wooden door that takes you back in time, the style and design of your entry door can reveal your beliefs or at least those you wish to put on display. If you’re a simple person by nature, then having a minimalist door makes perfect sense. Perhaps you’re not simple but wish to be, you can also use your home’s entry door as a way of communicating this message. Other ways of displaying your beliefs through your front door include the details on the door. You may want to hang a cross or have one designed into it the door to reflect your religious beliefs. Anything you’re passionate about can essentially be incorporated into your home’s door to share with others.     

Material: Your Home’s Value

entry door

When it comes to the material of entry doors, different materials often represent different price points or values of a home. Although it may not be entirely accurate, the material of a front door does have a way of telling others how much you spent on your home. For example, high-end wood and fiberglass doors, which tend to be higher in price, also add value to the home. Unsurprisingly, when you’re looking to sell your home, one of the first items potential buyers will take interest in is your home’s front door. An outdated door with less valuable material such as vinyl may be seen as needing additional repairs. While a steel door may be seen as having other energy efficiency amenities inside. The material of your front door is one of the most significant decisions to take into consideration when choosing a door.  

Is It Time For a New Front Door?

If you’re suddenly realizing that your home’s entry door isn’t communicating the message you wish to tell, then consider changing it out! With so many ways to add personal touches and spruce up the home as a whole, there’s every reason to consider the installation of a new entry door. And when you partner with Trim Team, we’ll help bring your vision to life. Present your ideas or come to us for inspiration.