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Door moulding is often thought of as just a decorative piece of wood to make a door look complete and beautiful. However, while door trim moulding from Trim Team certainly checks those boxes, our millwork products also contribute to the structural integrity of the homes you build. Our door trim moulding and millwork products are available in several materials and design combinations to fit your needs. 

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Benefits of Specialty Millwork and Door Moulding

As a general contractor or home builder, you understand how important it is to install affordable yet high-quality products and materials. When you choose Trim Team for your door moulding and millwork products, you can enjoy several benefits.

  • Quality and affordability
  • A finished look
  • Added structural integrity to the home 
  • Added style and character
  • Durability that will last as long as the homes you build 
  • Design and style options

Types of Moulding & Millwork Products We Offer in El Paso

Trim Team is your one-stop shop for all your millwork products and door moulding needs. To complement the beautiful doors and door hardware we offer, also supply a number of different moulding options.

  • Middle-density fiber mouldings 
  • Finger-joint mouldings 
  • Solid wood mouldings 
  • Specialty mouldings for fireplaces, wainscot walls, mantels, decorative ceilings, and more! 

Middle-Density Fiber Mouldings

Middle-density fiber, also known as MDF, is one of the most popular and affordable moulding options on the market. MDF is designed to look and feel just like real wood, but it’s much more affordable. MDF is factory-primed, so you can simply paint it to get it looking just the way you want. 

Finger Joint Wood Mouldings

Aside from MDF, finger joint mouldings (FJ) are another great and affordable window and door moulding option. Unlike MDF, finger joint mouldings are made of solid wood, making them more durable and hardy. FJ mouldings also won’t warp or twist because of how solidly built they are. They are also designed to interlock, which makes them more stable and easier to install, which is important if you’re a busy homebuilder. 

Additionally, every piece of FJ moulding from Trim Team is ready to seal and paint with latex or oil-based primers and paint.


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Trim Team has provided El Paso and Las Cruces builders with superior door trim moulding and millwork products since 2001. To learn more about our door products, contact Trim Team today! We’d love to sit down with you and discuss our full line of products and services. Call (915) 856-0791 today to get started!