A Glimpse Into 2019 Door Trends

We shut them, we slam them, we glide them, and we push them. Home doors, whether it be interior or exterior are designed to withstand a lot of activity throughout the years. With time, however, home doors will eventually tell us (squeaky sounds, for example)  it’s time to either give them some TLC or visibly look distressed and ready to retire. When the latter happens, it’s time to invest in new doors.

Even if your doors haven’t hit their expiration date, with a new year right around the corner, it’s a perfect reason to explore new trends in home doors. While some of these trends are popular styles that made wave a couple of years ago, they’re proving that 2019 will be all about functionality, efficiency, and character.  

These are the following trends worth exploring:

Interior Sliding Doors

sliding doors

Barn doors were made popular in interior design back in 2014 but given their practicality and aesthetic appeal, they’re showing no signs of stopping. In fact, new homes that feature barn doors tend to sell an average of 13 percent above the expected value, according to a study by Zillow Digs. What makes sliding doors so popular is their modern look and functionality. They’re available in a wide range of material, colors, and size. If you have a large room in your home that could use some privacy during certain occasions, consider the addition of sliding doors.   

Industrial Doors


Industrial doors tend to create the feeling of being outdoors, which appeals to some homeowners. These doors give off the feeling of being in a cool warehouse or outside like in a cool boutique-style garage. If the industrial modern home theme is something that has appealed to you because you’ve seen it in homes featured in magazines or you know someone with this style of home, consider incorporating it into your own home in 2019. Industrial doors are perfect as the door between your home and backyard. Some can be fully opened, which are especially ideal when you want to have a backyard party and create a cohesive space.

Wooden Doors

wooden doors

Wooden doors are most appealing based on their versatility and beauty. The color of wood, whether it be a dark walnut or a light country pine, complements all other colors. Its look can make any room look high-quality and no matter your style preference, you can use wood to create a rustic, contemporary, log (cabin-like), colonial, ranch, and just about any architectural style of home. Wooden doors also work well as interior doors just as much as they do exterior doors.  

Explore Your Options for New Home Doors By Contacting Trim Team in El Paso

Now that you’ve been introduced to three styles of interior and exterior doors, we hope you’re inspired to explore other styles of doors that perhaps better suit your style and needs. At Trim Team, we specialize in providing homeowners in El Paso with quality doors that are meant to last! We can also work with you to find exactly what you’re looking for — simply contact us today.