Add Curb Appeal With New Doors and Windows

open plastic window on a background blue skyIf you are looking for an easy way to update your home and add a bit of curb appeal, replacing your doors and windows is a great option. Not only can you make your home stand out in your neighborhood, but new windows can increase the energy efficiency of your home as well. Replacing windows and doors is also a great option because it is easier than most renovation jobs. You can expect a new look, added value, and a quick installation process.

Install a New Front Door

When you are looking to improve your curb appeal the options are of course endless. There’s landscaping, painting the home, adding gates, and more. However, replacing your front door is a quick and affordable option. By choosing something quite different you can added a completely new look. Not only that, the installation only takes a matter of hours. When you shop with Trim Team Doors and Windows you can also choose new door hardware as well. The combinations and options can be endless. If you are replacing an old door you may end up with something that is more secure and better insulated as well.

Window Replacement

When you want a new look replacing old windows is a great option. Not only can you find something aesthetically pleasing to match with your home, an update offers so many benefits. New window technology offers coatings to reflect UV rays and increase energy efficiency. In the long run, these windows pay for themselves because homeowners watch their utility drop each month. When you add Energy Star approved windows you are also doing your part to help the environment by using less electricity and gas to heat and cool your home.

More Than Just Curb Appeal

Replacing doors or windows (or both for that matter) can extend beyond improving your curb appeal. At Trim Team Doors and windows we offer interior doors, decorative doors, mouldings, and patio doors as well. Replacing worn and old doors and windows also adds value to your home. Whether you want to update for your enjoyment or to sell your home, replacement can be a great investment.

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