5 Reasons to Replace Your Front Door 


Up-close picture of white door with a lever knob to the front entrance of a home.

Most people never realize how much more enhancing and attractive your home exterior may look when you have repairs done. We use our doors much more than we may anticipate, so it would only be mindful of us all to tend to add updated to our doors as well. Trends come and go and if you find yourself looking into modern home updates, replacing your door could bring you the style you’ve been looking for! We get that you might need more than just keeping up with the latest trends to replace your door. Let’s go more into depth as to how you can gain from replacing your front door. 

  • Second Glances

Installing a new door is one of the most effective ways to have people turning heads for your home. You don’t have to go over the top for a fancy door. Replacements can be as simple as going for a contemporary style and color. You could even add new lights and lining to further complement a new door for a whole a new look!

  • Safety First

Cheap wooden doors make it easier for burglars to break into your home and steal your personal items. Wooden doors are easy to break and kick in, so you could switch to steel or fiberglass doors. These doors are manufactured with an extra layer of protection and they are tamper-proof. 

  • Innovative

As insignificant as house keys seem to be, they can be an annoyance when you’re trying to find them in your pockets or purse just to open the door. Most door models are now made with the technology of a keypad, allowing you to simply enter a code and enter from thereon. This feature provides a new look and upgraded security, all at the same time!

  • Energy Efficient

Older doors tend to wear down and their framing becomes weakened. When the framing wears down, it allows for air conditioning and heating to escape easily from your home. Not only does your air conditioner escape, but you can also expect for air from the outside to come in. A new door allows for tightening of the frame and keeping your home in the state of your desire! 

  • Easy Access

You might be carrying groceries, moving in, or lifting hefty boxes and wish your door was a bit wider to make these tasks easier. Most of the new and wider doors are made with levers that you can simply push down and open with the touch of your elbow! Making this change can make your life a bit simpler and add more curb appeal.

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Replacing your door is important for the sake of your home and can directly benefit in many ways, so don’t wait now! Contact Trim Team today to take a look at all the door models we have to offer!