From Sand to Your Home: The Process of Replacement Windows

Construction workers install a window

The glass through which you see the world undergoes an extraordinary journey before it is installed in your home.

The life of glass begins on earth, scattered across beaches or deserts of this great and beautiful planet. It doesn’t occur naturally because very high temperatures need to exist to make it happen. For example, when the Manhattan Project tested out preliminary versions of the atomic bomb in the desert of New Mexico, the explosion from the blast transformed the sand in the area’s vicinity into glass. That’s not the preferred method for making glass, of course; it’s usually a lot more calculated and controlled.

Here, at Trim Team, we not only install new and custom windows, but we also replace windows that have been broken or cracked.  So how does this glass make it to your home and what is the process of installing a new window? This is something every homeowner should know!

From the Earth to the Commercial Glass Plant 

The life of glass begins in a commercial glass plant, where sand is mixed with waste glass, soda ash, and limestone. You know the glass you throw in the recycling bin? In some cities, that recycled glass helps to create new glass! These three ingredients are then mashed and thrown into a furnace that can reach beyond the 3000 degrees Farenheight needed to produce glass. Once it is turned into a liquid state, it can be poured and molded into its shape. The limestone is added to the mixture to prevent it from becoming water-soluble.

The Creation of Glass Windows

The process of making glass is relatively straightforward, but it varies depending on the kind of glass that is being produced and if it has a particular purpose. Bulletproof windows, for example, are composed of various layers of glass with a plastic layer in between to create a thick and robust glass. 

To make a window, the manufacturer must complete several steps, including the following:

  1. Know the dimensions of the window that needs to be cut. Some windows are more straightforward than others. For example, standard window measurements for a common bedroom window include 24 X 36 inches, 24 X 46 inches, 28 X 54 inches. And yet, your home may have windows of varying dimensions. This is especially true for windows that have a different shape like an oval, circular windows, octagonal, circle top, etc. 
  2. Cut the glass using a special machine. The industrial-grade glass cutting machines come in different sizes and often look like big cubes with lots of buttons and settings or large flat platforms. The machine is fed the dimensions and is precisely cut. 
  3. The glass then has to be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. This step is important to ensure that the glass is free of debris. 
  4. The panes of glass will then need to be sealed together. Today’s standard windows are typically all double-paned glass windows. 
  5. After this, a frame needs to be added to the glass to make it easier to install. The frame is added carefully and often welded together, depending on the kind of frame. 
  6. The frame and glass are then assembled to become one complete window pane ready to go to your home. And that’s that!

How Do I Know When I Need Replacement Windows

Good quality windows will last anywhere from 10-15 years. Today, glass is made especially hardy and resistant so that it lasts longer.

Here’s how to know if it’s about time for you to replace those windows:

  • Your windows are older than 10 years old. Even homes that had double-pane windows installed might be due for a replacement window. 
  • Your home has single-paned windows. Single-paned windows are slowly but surely being left behind. They are largely a thing of the past and most homes today require double-paned windows. 
  • Your window has been cracked or broken. How big of a crack does it take to require a replacement?  If it is a small crack, it is often possible to hold off on buying a replacement window. Once the crack is too large, it most definitely needs to be replaced for you and your family’s safety!

A Quick Overview of the Installation and Replacement Process 

If your window has been compromised, broken, or cracked, it may be time to call a window specialist to make sure that the replacement goes smoothly and you don’t experience further problems. For window specialists at Trim Team, a replacement job is pretty straightforward. 

First, we come in and measure your window. We need precise measurements to ensure we cut the glass correctly. Once we have the measurements, we order the glass in that size. Once we have the glass, we come to your home, carefully remove the old window and replace it with new and energy-efficient glass. You’ll be ready to go in no time!

Get Custom Glass Fittings and Window Replacement with Trim Team  

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