How Can a Window Replacement Save You Money?

window replacement

With income tax season underway, updating windows is a great way to add value and save money in the long run. Too many homeowners in El Paso don’t realize that their home can benefit greatly from window replacement. New energy efficient windows can help use less heating and cooling utilities. Low-E windows actually help a home retain its heat in the winter. In the summer these windows help keep the heat out.

Window Replacement with Low-E Windows

Low-E actually stands for low thermal emissivity. The materials in these windows reflect, absorb, or radiate energy. The end result is saved energy in the home or business where they are installed. Clear glass actually absorbs a lot of energy and doesn’t reflect very much. This means that the windows will absorb all the heat from the sun during the day and then release it back out at night. This can cause rooms in the home that are extremely hot during the summer days and extremely cold at night. The same thing can happen on the inside during the winter. The windows can absorb all the heat from the furnace and cause it to work hard to heat a room.

Low-E windows have a thin film coating. The glass is normally coated on the inside of the outer pane on double-pane windows. The coating will reflect energy back out to the sun on hot days and back into the room from the heater, all the while allowing light into the room.

Upgrading Old Windows

If you own a home that was built more than 10 years ago changes are your home could benefit from a good upgrade. Most people tend to overlook window replacement when updating their home because they are looking for a more aesthetic upgrade. However, this is a fix that can help save money from less energy usage in the long run. Secondly, windows do come in a wide variety of styles that can add beauty and value to a home. Not only can window replacement add to a home, but it is also a great way to care for the environment.

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