How Choosing Window and Door Specialists Can Save You Money 

worker installing new plastic pvc window

Some people are good at curing the sick, others know how to build a house, we know windows and doors. We have dedicated our professional lives to working with these two features in a home. Getting it right is its own art. Trim Team has years of experience working with individual homeowners as well as custom home builders. Every project has its unique challenges and possibilities, so part of what we do best is advise people on the best windows/and or doors that will fit their home and perform the best. 

Working with Custom Home Builders 

If you’re working with a custom home builder or are a home builder, the window and door conversation is inevitable when working on a project. Your custom home builder might be a great designer and architect, but they may not specialize in windows and doors. Make sure that your custom home builder is working with a reputable contractor that is installing the windows or doors or call us for information. If you have a certain vision or image in mind, we can help you find just the right fit. We also provide turnkey installation services designed for high production home builders. 

If you are a commercial or custom home builder in El Paso, you know that windows and doors are a big part of a home. They are not only a practical feature that improves security and energy efficiency, they are a feature that provides an aesthetic appeal and style that adds to the final product. Our color consulting representatives also ensure that you are choosing the perfect style and color. We also offer job site delivery, to facilitate the work for home builders by delivering our work directly to the site. 

Curtains and Blinds Will Only Take You So Far

Those nice-looking curtains will only do so much to help the inefficiency of old windows. Many homeowners find that their windows are not energy efficient, outdated, or just plain ugly, so they go out and spend hundreds of dollars on window treatments that act as a short-term fix or cover-up. What is a window treatment? This term refers to any accessory or coverings that are fitted to the windows. This may include curtains, drapes, or blinds. Just like all energy-conscious consumers, people are always looking for ways to minimize energy costs, and finding quality curtains and blinds often seem like the perfect solution. While it certainly helps with blocking out light and keeping in warmth, it is not the end all be all of the window solutions. It may very well be that the real problem lies with the way your windows were installed. Even just having outdated windows can cost you a fortune in energy costs. Talking to a window specialist will save you from buying exorbitant expensive curtains that will not fix the problem in the end.

Ways that we save you money? 

Don’t Neglect The Frame. It’s not just about the glass. If you find your windows are not performing as they should, the frames can also be a culprit. Today, there are several options for window frames that include different materials like vinyl, wood, aluminum, composite, fiberglass, and more. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons and the ‘right’ one can depend on several factors. Window professionals know just how to properly install new windows and do so with quality materials. 

Know the Difference. A window expert will also explain the difference in materials and just how it can make a difference for your home. When you choose a Low-E glass with vacuum-sealed argon, for example, it can really make a difference in a person’s utility bills. These provide significantly more insulation than regular window panes. If you live in harsh winter climates, triple-paned windows might be the way to go. 

Look for the Energy Star. Here at Trim Team, we are proud of the fact that we wear the Energy Star label on our products. This means our windows are energy-efficient, qualified, and are independently tested, certified, and verified by the National Fenestration Council and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Windows that wear the Energy Star must meet certain standards in two major metrics including U-value and solar heat gain coefficient. The U-value measures a window unit’s resistance to heat loss while the latter will measure how much heat enters a home through the glass. 

Let us not forget design. A window specialist will know a thing or two about the latest designs and the most effective styles and types of windows. Installing something with a modern design and energy-efficient panes will only increase the value of your home. So not only are you saving yourself money with your energy bills, but you are investing in your home.  Homeowners see the best return-on-investment (ROI) with high-quality windows and window installations. 

Ready for new windows? 

Call us today and find out what we can do for you. Whether you are replacing old windows or getting ready to build your home, we help you choose the best option.