How Moulding And Millwork Can Improve Your Home

working circual saw cutting wood

Millwork and moulding are criminally underrated services that can bring the look of your home together. While you may know us as the door and window experts, we also provide the best millwork and moulding services in El Paso. If you’re looking for a particular look for your home, or are looking for alternatives to wood, moulding could be the option for you. 

What is Millwork

Millwork is pretty simple—it’s simply woodwork and/or fabrication that is made in a mill. Of course, this is an extremely broad definition and can relate to a huge spectrum of productions. Things like flooring, door frames, moulding, chair railings, and much more. The use of technology like CAD does help, but the practice is still very time consuming and precision-based. 

Millwork typically is made from wood like maple, oak, pine, and hickory, among others. However, millwork can be found in just about every major wood type available. 

Benefits of Millwork and Moulding

Millwork and moulding can give your home a level of style and functionality that helps it stand out. Got a vision for your den or living room? Good millwork can complement other elements like good furniture and color scheme to produce a cohesive, stunning look for your home. With current technology, it’s never been easier to get quality millwork for your home.

Trim Team Can Help Your Project

Here at Trim Team, we believe we have the absolute best trim options available. If you’re interested in improving your home, call us today!