Is It Time to Replace My Windows?

window replacement

Don’t you wish your home could talk to you? Then again, probably not. Your floor would be yelling ouch! Your refrigerator would offer you something to eat and your doors might say have a nice day as you depart. But what if your home would tell you how it’s feeling and what it needs. You might then realize how much you’re neglecting key areas of your home.

Although our homes don’t speak to us in the form of full-fledged sentences, they do communicate their needs in the form of visible deterioration, unusual noises, and difficulty and/or inability to use.

Windows are one part of the home that tends to reveal their overall status—old or new, working or broken, energy-efficient or energy waste. The good is: it doesn’t take much to determine if it’s time to replace your windows. Simply look for these signs:

The Room is Always Cold or Hot

A room that doesn’t match the temperature is one sign that your windows may have a crack or hole where they shouldn’t. You might even notice that you can easily hear noise coming in from the outdoors. This is especially problematic if this is the room you sleep in. Holes and cracks can lead to a host of issues for your health. You could have mold growing in the cracks and not even realize it. Plus, the air you’re breathing in might be harming you given that some days El Paso sees bad air quality.

You Can No Longer Open the Window Like You Once Did

Being able to easily open and close windows is important for our safety. Of course, one extreme is never good. We don’t want our windows to be so easy to open that a burglar could break and enter within seconds and we don’t want them to be so tight that if an emergency broke out and we needed to escape, we wouldn’t be able to because the window is shut tight. If you’re experiencing one of these extremes, it’s time for new windows.

You’re Not Reaping the Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

Even an older home can take advantage of new energy-efficient windows. Not only will these windows be amazing on the look of your home but they will also provide you with savings on your energy bill. Since homes require less heating and cooling to achieve comfort, you’ll find yourself messing with the AC dial less and less.

Have Your Windows Professionally Replaced With Trim Team

Trim Team is committed to ensuring that El Paso homes are equipped with windows that bring you the most comfort and efficiency. Even if your windows aren’t showing signs of deterioration but you want new windows to go with the rest of your home’s new aesthetic, we can help you achieve this. Simply contact us today!