Overview of Moulding Types

A professional adding moulding to a white wall in El Paso.

Mouldings are crucial to elevating any architectural or interior design project. As a form of millwork, they provide a finishing touch to walls, ceilings, and doors to transform plain surfaces into classy ones. 

At The Trim Team, we specialize in serving our El Paso neighbors with high-quality products at affordable prices. Experiment with our Middle Density Fiber, Finger Joint Wood, and Solid Wood moulding options to keep things looking up to par and within budget. 

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Crown Moulding

A fan-favorite moulding option, crown moulders are a great addition to add a decorative, Victorian-esque touch to a space. Typically you’ll want to install them in highly-utilized spaces such as a kitchen, family or living room, or dining room. They’re installed between the wall and ceiling to mimic a built-in look that surrounds the perimeter of a room. They’re a versatile option, as they can be made to look simple or highly ornate with custom millwork products, depending on the look you’re aiming to achieve.

Panel Moulding

If you’re looking for a way to create a classy ambiance in a dining room, one option to consider is installing panel moulding. Used to create or embellish panels on pre-existing surfaces, they give an illusion of paneled walls. Produced from a mill, using thin wood, this product can add a bit of elegance to a space and can be applied anywhere, including ceilings. Common installation surfaces include doors, walls, shelving, and mantels. 

Chair Moulding

Mouldings can serve as more than just a decorative element, they can also be used as a form of protection from furniture in high traffic areas, too. Chair Mouldings, or chair rails, are horizontal mouldings installed on walls at the height of approximately three feet to limit scuffs and dents.


One of the most common types of mouldings is baseboards. They’re installed at the bottom of where the wall meets the floor. Similar to chair mouldings, baseboards can also be used to protect the wall from scuffs and bumps caused by furniture and foot traffic. They can be utilized in any room as either a simple plank of wood or finished with a more intricate design using custom millwork.

Board and Batten

This form of moulding is seeing a resurgence in modern trends, whether you’re going for rustic or chic. Originally dubbed “barn siding,” board and battens were used back in the day to create an extra layer of protection from the elements to protect farmhands and their animals from bad weather. Board and batten consist of thin strips of wood molding (as the battens) that are placed over panel board seams. Nowadays, they add a sense of coziness and comfort to a space as well as add texture and visual interest to a room. 

Elevate Your El Paso Home with Moulding!

Whether you’re looking to create an elegant look or a more understated one, there is a millwork product that can suit your needs. Serving the El Paso region since 2001, The Trim Team can help bring any project to life. Contact us online or call (915) 856-0791 to elevate your space.