Patio Doors: 3 Ways to Get Yours Spring Ready

patio doors

If you’ve neglected using your patio door for some time now, it’s time to consider changing that. One of the best parts about living in the Sun City lies within the name itself: plenty of Sun! Even during the not so sunny days, there’s something serene about sitting outside with a cup of tea or coffee and taking a couple of minutes to unwind. With spring soon approaching, there’s even more reason to consider pushing up any plans for revamping or updating your patio.     

Finding the Perfect Patio Door

If neglecting your patio has had anything to do with not knowing the best option for your space, you’re not alone. Having a small backyard generally means that a door could easily make it feel even smaller. With a large backyard, you might be concerned with the functionality since there’s more ground to cover. Follow these tips based on the size of your backyard and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your options for a patio door.

  • Small Backyard- The trouble small backyard owners often encounter is that they lack space. Making the most of what you’ve got is key! Consider a hinged patio door. This classic choice is perfect for small backyards because of their simplicity and versatility. Even if you were to remodel the interior of your home, a hinged patio door would blend in beautifully.
  • Mid-size- With a mid-size backyard, you have more space to work with so you should consider honing in what you’ve got. A sliding patio door could be just what you need to bring the outdoors in. With a sliding door, you’ll also bring in more light and have the view of your backyard, which will make your home feel even more spacious.    
  • Big- Having a large backyard means the convenience of playing with different ideas. French doors could tie in the elegance of the rest of your room and create an even more intimate space. But if you’re wanting to bring the outdoors in, then sliding doors is the way to go.

Your New Patio Door Awaits You — Find It With Trim Team

El Paso’s weather can easily be enjoyed year-round and having a patio door that gives way to going in and outside more effortlessly can certainly help. Even for the days that you don’t have time to be outside, having a patio door that brings light in and exposure to the outdoors can help boost your mood.

At Trim Team, we’re all about helping you create a more beautiful home. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help fulfill that vision!