Picking the Right Moulding and Millwork for Your Home

Moulding and millwork technician adding wall highlights to the bottom portion of a wallAdding moulding and millwork to your home is great way to update it. You can add class and not break the bank while you do it. As most people in El Paso are on a budget, this is also a very affordable option. Besides being affordable there are a few options you can pick from too. Giving your home a unique flare that is all you is a great idea. Trim Team Doors and Windows has experts working to help can help you find the perfect look for your home.

Crown Moulding

Perhaps the most popular and well moulding and millwork known is crown. This type is super attractive because it looks expensive and feels antique. The combination of these two aspects adds class to any room. Quality crown moulding will be very detailed. This is gives the appearance of having been carved into the building itself. This type of moulding usually goes around cabinets or it can top off walls. This makes it especially pretty in a bathroom or kitchen. Adding it to a ceiling can also be an eye catcher. When you go with a company experienced in millwork you will get a quality product that lasts for a long time.

Wall Highlights

Moulding and millwork can help draw attention to your walls by highlighting it. This can be an extension of the baseboard design you have, or it can be a new design that goes around windows and doors. You can also add it as a frame for a picture, just to make the room pop even more. This type of work is typically, easy to install, but also very durable. When you go with an experienced company, you will get the best look for your home.

Door Accents

Another great way to add flare to your home is to add moulding and millwork to accent your doors. Think about how attractive a door with millwork can look from the curb. It not only enhances the door, but it makes it look classy and expensive. To add a little extra sparkle, you can also adjust the door with window panes. All this will make for a very classy and gorgeous looking door that all your neighbors are sure to envy.

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