How Professionally Installed Windows Can Increase Your Home Value

New window installation a worker measuring that balance of the window pane

Here in sunny West Texas, there is a lot to be said for sunny days. We have a lot of them. We also have plenty of dust storms and winds. If you’ve ever shopped for a home here in the Sun City, are in the market for a new home, or perhaps looking at selling your home, you know that windows are a big deal. They are not often talked about as major home features, but they are one of the first things that people notice when they first lay eyes on a property.

Today, double-paned windows tend to be the standard. However, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that they became federally mandated for many new properties. This means that if you live in a home that is twenty years old, your windows might still be single-paned. So how does installing a new set of windows add value to your home? Let’s take a closer look at just how important a quality window set-up can be for any property. 

A Home Improvement Project with High ROI 

Windows are a great improvement project. Let’s say that you intend to sell your home in a few years. Whether your home has single-paned windows or older versions of double-paned windows, a new set of windows with quality installation and even a new style will make a big difference. The early versions of double-paned windows do not have the benefits of some of the added effectiveness that new versions of these will have. Changing those out today will mean that you reap the benefits of a few years of energy savings and increase your home value at the same time. 

A common question that drives many home improvement projects is how much of that investment can you expect to get back? 

When it comes to windows, every project is different because your home’s needs vary. The national average suggests that you’ll recoup around 72% of your investment. This is a great ROI compared to many other investment projects, especially considering the energy savings. So let’s take a look at why new windows will be a good investment for your home. 

Energy efficiency

This is probably the number one reason and the go-to reason. Homebuyers are looking for energy-efficient aspects of a home.  There is no question that new windows are likely to be far more energy-efficient. If your windows are 15-20 years old, then they are definitely past their prime. In the past two decades, glass and window technology has come a long way. So what exactly does it mean to say that your windows are energy-efficient? They become better insulators and are more effective in keeping the hot or cold air from your HVAC system inside the house and not escaping into the atmosphere. New windows will have:

  • Low-E Glass: This refers to a low emissivity coating that reflects heat and reduces UV rays without blocking out the light. 
  • Vinyl Frames: These are top-of-the-line frames that work as better insulators to keep the outside air outside. 
  • Double-pane or triple-pane glass: If you have single-pane windows, you know that they are thin and have only one protection layer. Double and triple pane glass has more layers that serve as better insulators. 
  • Weatherstripping: Found on the outside edges, this provides a much better extra seal against the elements. 

Windows Add Curb Appeal and a Modern Look 

If you ask anyone in real estate what homeowners and homebuyers are looking for in homes today, you will likely get some version of the following: energy efficiency, sustainability,  home performance, etc. That is, homeowners want their homes to help them save in energy costs and complement the modern lifestyle. Beautiful windows add a certain finesse and class to a home even from afar. Beautiful new windows will give your home a more modern appeal and possibly transform the home’s entire facade. 

Add a Layer of Security 

Every homeowner considers their home security. A thicker and more robust window adds a layer of security to your home by making them much less fragile and much harder to force open or break open. With secure locks and the thicker glass, you will have a much more secure structure in your home. 

New Windows Add Comfort and Reduce Noise

New windows can actually help reduce noise and make your home quieter. So if you live in a noisy neighborhood or are near a highway or major road, these windows help keep the home quiet and calm. 

How Does a Professional Installation Make the Difference

In the age of DIY, there are many home improvement projects that you are able to tackle at home. These might include painting or changing out light fixtures or installing ceiling fans. Still, when it comes to installing brand new windows, a professional installation will guarantee that the process is done right. It is important for the longevity and integrity of any window. Window installation is more complicated than first meets the eye, as it requires precision and accuracy. Carelessness or the cutting of corners can result in a job that costs you money or cuts on the windows’ performance. 

You want to ensure top quality in the:

  • Exact measurements 
  • Careful removal of old windows
  • New window installation
  • Restoring the trim, plaster, and insulation
  • And seamless caulking for optimal protection.

Here at Trim Team, we deal with windows and doors all day long, and we understand the value of quality materials and quality installation. Our professional window experts understand every step of the installation. Connect with your window professionals today and find out more.