Pros and Cons Of Sliding Doors For Homes in El Paso

Sliding doors have been popular choices for homes in El Paso for many years. These doors tend to create a sophisticated and modern look. It seems to be that everyone adores this kind of aesthetic, so sliding doors are topping the home decor market. However, just like all things interior design, there are pros and cons to these door materials. Before making any final decisions or purchases, it’s best to be aware of how sliding doors can improve the entire home’s design. 


Great for Contemporary Homes 

Sliding doors work best with modern-day, contemporary homes. These door types are available in many styles where customers can choose from materials and grilles. This can help you achieve a more contemporary look if you live in a fairly new home. Many homeowners are looking for a doorway that effortlessly leads to outdoor living areas. These doors work especially well with these home designs. 

They Provide Plenty of Natural Light 

Homebuilders can bring bright and spacious homes to fruition by installing sliding doors. These doors fit well in homes that have balconies or dramatic patios/entrances. You can use the natural light to your advantage during each season. During the winter, sliding doors can help you absorb all the light you can possibly get. During the summer, you can add drapes or curtains to play with the light in your home.

Create Illusion of Wide, Open Space 

Wide, open spaces are important qualities in contemporary homes. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expanding your square footage to make your home feel more open. Sliding doors can help you with creating the impression of plenty of space in your home. You’ll also come to find that these doors do not need so much space during installation, which helps you save on money and time!

Features Can Be Upgraded 

To keep your sliding doors looking as good as the day you bought them, you can add special features such as coatings. These protective coatings may include hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compound layers to keep pollutants and harmful elements from entering your home. Some providers may also offer panes designed for thermal insulation, helping your home stay warm during the colder months. 


With all the light you receive from sliding doors, you don’t have to worry about how much your monthly electricity bill will come out to be. Homeowners find sliding doors to be especially helpful during the warmer months. Because the sun doesn’t go down until anywhere from 8 to 9 pm, there is little need during the day to turn on light fixtures. Additionally, these doors are made with lower glass-to-frame ratios, meaning they provide more insulation from the heat. You can keep your home cool and lit without having to worry about an increase in bills. 


Compromises Security and Privacy 

While easy to operate and drop-dead gorgeous, sliding doors take privacy away. What makes matters worse is that this could also mean security risks. If you do decide to install these doors in your home, it is best to consider blinds or curtains to ensure your privacy when needed. These doors are typically built with some of the most basic locks, so you may also want to consider upgrading the security. 

Difficult to Keep Clean 

Sliding doors do require a lot of cleaning. Not only do they need to be cleaned with a glass cleaner but these doors also need to be cleaned from the track. The track can easily collect dirt, dust, or debris, making it harder to open your doors with ease. As long as you regularly vacuum and pick up the dirt, there should be no problems. 

Regular Maintenance is Required

If you are having a hard time opening your doors even after cleaning them, you could be looking at the following issues: 

  • Rust
  • Warping
  • Your house settling 

This could call for maintenance from a professional. You may even need to have parts or materials replaced or upgraded to resolve these issues. 

Vulnerable to Severe Weather Conditions

This is one of the most important considerations to keep in mind. If you live in an area where snow, rain, sleet, or frost are very likely, sliding doors may not be the best option for you. While the snow may look beautiful from your view, it can interfere with your door’s materials. This is because the glass can crack and/or shatter when it is between two extreme weather conditions: in this case, warm on the inside, and cold on the outside. 

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