Summer-Proof Your Windows

cat at window

Looking for ways to make your home’s windows summer-ready? The El Paso heat is already upon us and like most homeowners, you may have noticed how frequently you’re adjusting the AC dial to make things cooler inside. By applying a couple of changes to your windows, you can make the rest of your home feel cooler while also reducing your costs on energy. Here’s how:

Explore Window Treatments

Insulation treatments such as shutters and other window coverings are perfect for keeping the sun from entering the room. Successful window coverings will prevent the air between the window covering and the glass from entering inside. They can also be the extra layer your home needs to cut down on energy costs. And thankfully, there are numerous options available so you won’t have to worry about design or aesthetics.     

Apply Window Film

If one room feels especially warm, you may want to consider applying a high-reflective window film. This film will decrease the amount of light that enters through the windows. Since it contains UV rejection features, it will block UV rays from entering the room. According to the reflective window film manufacturer Window Film and More, it can reject up to 63% of solar energy. It’s worth exploring your options for a window film if your current windows aren’t providing the right deflection.

Invest in Energy Efficient Windows

Sometimes even applying a film and adding more insulation won’t solve the problem. If it’s been a while since you last replaced your windows, you may want to consider doing so in the near future. Today’s windows are designed to provide maximum energy efficiency, which means your home will require less cooling and heating. At Trim Team we carry ENERGY STAR certified windows, which will provide even better insulation than your previous windows. Plus, you won’t have to worry about UV rays entering the home. This is a time and money saving option for all homeowners!  

Contact Trim Team For More Advice

Being cooped up in an unusually warm home is no way to spend your summer. Your home should feel as cool as possible. Often times when the AC is on full blast and you and your family are still uncomfortable, it could be that the air is escaping through your windows. Once the issue is addressed, you will feel the difference! 

If you’re interested in learning more about switching to energy efficient windows, contact us today.