The Secret Lives of Doors: How the Front Door Enhances your Home

Black Front door of Traditional red brick home

The door is not just a feature of your home, it’s an entryway into possibilities. The door is a symbol, as we have learned from endless Hollywood films that show the magic on the other side. Who could forget the door that turns the black and white world of the Wizard of Oz into a […]

Add to Your Decor With Doors and Windows

Upgrading your doors and windows or trim is a great way to add new decor to your home. This is especially true when you are looking to transform your rooms with little effort. Whether you want to update for your own enjoyment, or to sell your home you can add value to your home as […]

Doors and Windows: Why It’s a Good Idea to Upgrade

replace doors and windows

When it comes to being a homeowner, you need to make sure everything’s running smoothly. A home requires constant maintenance and care. Many homeowners tend to only deal with issues that can be seen as emergencies, such as a leaky pipe or faulty electrical wiring. But there are other parts of your home that deserve […]