Offering More Than Interior Doors in El Paso

When you have been doing some renovations, it is important to keep your overall themes in mind and interior doors in El Paso can play a major role in keeping things coordinated. However, when you are looking for these specialty products, sometimes it is a good idea to have a company on your side that […]

Door Trimmings in El Paso: Show Off Your Personality

When updating a family home, not many people go straight to the question “Where can I find the best door trimmings in El Paso?” At Trim Team, we feel this question should come up more, because door trimmings can be an easy and cost efficient way to update your home without breaking the bank. Door trimmings […]

Custom Doors in El Paso: An Energy Efficient Choice

Custom doors in El Paso can change the look of your home and can add a significant amount of architectural interest to your house.  Custom doors should be energy-efficient to keep conditioned air in and cold or hot air out of your home. The doors should also be constructed of top-quality materials and should be […]

Exterior Doors in El Paso: Make An Impression

Exterior doors in El Paso serve both an aesthetic purpose and a security purpose. You need doors that are perfectly fit to you door frames so you can keep the doors securely closed in order to keep your house secure and to prevent conditioned air from escaping. You also want beautiful doors that are going […]

Door makers in El Paso: The Only Choice for Quality Home Builders

  When your business is building new homes, and you want the best quality door makers in El Paso working for you,  look no further than Trim Team. We are the premiere, expert door makers in the Sun City and surrounding areas. Our quality mill work is something you won’t be able to find with […]

Window Moulding in El Paso: Adding Architectural Style

Window moulding in El Paso can add a beautiful architectural detail to your home and ensure that your windows stand out as a focal point on your home’s facade. Your windows should be trimmed both inside and outside in keeping with the style of your house. Having window moulding that is the right design for […]

Invite Natural Light into Your Home: Custom windows in El Paso

Don’t you wish you had more natural light in your home? No other company does custom windows in El Paso like we do at Trim Team. Do you imagine a huge ray of sun lighting up your living room through a gorgeous bay window? If this is the dream you wish to make come true, Trim […]

Custom Moulding In El Paso: The Trim Team Makes It Easy

Finding a provider of custom mouldings in El Paso can be a hassle, so instead of bogging yourself down in a staggering Google search, come visit the Trim Team. We provide custom mouldings for doors and windows, along with some other services that will help any home builder make the process efficient and smooth. When […]