The Many Functional and Aesthetic Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors 

happy young boy, kid opening the sliding door on rooftop patio area at home

If there is one thing El Paso has in abundance it is sunlight. With over 297 days of sunlight a year, the Sun City is aptly nicknamed. El Paso residents are accustomed to sunny days and homes built in the area are built to accommodate the climate and maximize its unique characteristics. And just like energy-efficient windows are essential for every El Paso home, there are other ways to take advantage of the natural blessings of the desert. Sliding glass doors offer El Paso homeowners a wide range of benefits that are both functional and aesthetic. So if you’re a fan of natural lighting and a happy desert dweller that loves the sunlight, here are a couple of reasons why you might consider installing sliding glass doors in your home. 

Light as a Design Principle — Using Illumination for Daily Living 

We may not always consider light a unifying design principle, as homeowners tend to focus on colors, furniture, and layout. And yet, the distribution of light in a home will affect the way colors are highlighted or the way a room glows. Sliding glass doors provide the ability to illuminate an entire room evenly without the use of fluorescent lighting.

Other benefits of sliding glass doors include: 

  • Maximizing space. A sliding glass door opens up a room. Not only does more light make spaces appear larger and more welcoming, but sliding glass doors don’t occupy any extra space in your home. 
  • Enhanced views. Whether your patio door will face the mountains, the desert landscape, or into your backyard, patio doors can add inspiring views to your home. This helps brighten up the home and lures in new energy.  
  • Flexibility. You don’t always have to have the sliding glass door fully open. You can decide to add curtains or panels to close them up whenever you choose. This allows you the flexibility of flooding the room with light or closing them up when appropriate.
  • Endless style options. Not all glass sliding patio doors are made the same. There are many design styles and materials that you can use to enhance your home’s decor or architectural style. 



Why Natural Lighting Infuses Your Home with Energy 

Fluorescent lighting has its place, but in a city with energizing sun rays, natural lighting is more than just a design principle. According to Healthline, there are health benefits that accompany a healthy dose of natural light:

  • Vitamin D booster. We all know we need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Studies show that a great number of the U.S population is Vitamin D deficient. A lack of Vitamin D has been linked to several chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases and cancer. 
  • Reduces the need for fluorescent lighting. In a world where our lives revolve around screens and monitors, the infusion of natural light in our daily lives helps counteract the many bad effects of constantly staring at our screens and the eye strain and headaches that can come with it. 
  • Improves sleep. Getting enough quality sleep is beneficial for our daily productivity and physical health. Since many of us spend a lot of time indoors, increasing exposure to sunlight helps regulate circadian rhythms that help sleep patterns. 

Sliding Glass Doors for Your Home’s Architectural Style 

When installing sliding glass doors, you will find that there is a wide range of possible colors and styles of frames and doors that will fit your home perfectly. Trim Team, for example, offers sliding or hinged patio fiberglass doors with paint or stained grade options. 

Popular styles include: 

  • Contemporary: This uses the direct and modern lines that are used in many of today’s interior designs. It is a more minimalist approach and creates indoor-outdoor space. 
  • Craftsman patio doors: These frames add a little bit of a personal touch and emphasize natural materials. 
  • Traditional: Sometimes less is more and if you’re looking for something classic, a traditional style will complement any interior design look. 
  • Farmhouse: This style is becoming a favorite across the nation, adding a little bit of country flavor and personality. 

Addressing Safety Concerns — Peace of Mind with Sliding Doors

Many people fear that sliding glass doors may not be as safe as regular doors. Sliding glass doors, however, are safe and secure. There are also several ways to ensure heightened security. Not only is the glass double-paned, but doors are installed with secure locks that make them very difficult to open. A glass door opens by sliding horizontally on a track, so added security can include adding:

  • Using sliding door lock bars or dowel rods
  • Adding steel secondary locking system
  • Add extra security film that strengthens the glass
  • Security sensors 

Install Patio Doors and Feel the Difference 

Whether you choose a contemporary or traditional style of sliding glass door, your home will be infused by the sun’s rays. Patio doors are a favorite because they make this gorgeous connection between the two and add natural light to any room. 

Ready to enhance your home with the power of sunlight? Call Trim Team today and find out more about our installation process.