10 Reasons You Should Replace Your Home’s Front Door

The front door of your home plays a very important role. It acts as the first impression for your guests, it provides security, and it adds character to your home. If your front door has noticeable flaws, it will fail to perform as expected. If you haven’t yet found a reason to replace your front door, think again.

We explore ten reasons why you should consider getting rid of your entry door and why you should look into a new and improved replacement. 

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1) The Need for Improved Security

You should never take a lack of security lightly. If your door is weak or broken in some areas, this can make it easy to pry open if someone were to try to break in. You should always take the best preventative measures for your home, even if that means replacing your home’s front door. 

2) Enhancing Curb Appeal 

Want a new design for the exterior and interior of your home? Are you looking into selling your home? A new door may just be the best place to start! A fresh door can immediately help your home look clean and sturdy. In fact, door replacement is one of the most affordable and most effective improvements you can do for your home! 

3) Maintaining an Energy Efficient Home 

A surge in utility bills can be due to several reasons, but in these instances, you also have to consider the quality of your entry door. Your front door may very well be the culprit of high utility bills by failing to keep cool or warm air locked into your home. To keep energy bills low and to maintain energy efficiency, a replacement door is a smart, considerable route to take. 

4) Finding a Design that Matches Your Home 

Replacing your door for design purposes typically isn’t a necessity but it could make you feel much happier and proud of your home. This is recommended for those who have already bought a home and plan on settling in it. You should always feel proud of the home you live in. If replacing your front door can help you feel better about your place, don’t hesitate to take the next step! 

5) Need for More Accessibility 

Depending on what exactly you bring into your home, your front door should be able to meet your basic needs in regards to accessibility. Most homeowners who have families find themselves interested in wider doors. If you feel you need more room or want to make your home feel more spacious, wider doors can be a great option when looking into door replacement. 

6) Your Door Has Drafts 

Drafts are commonly caused by sudden changes in temperature, expanding and contracting the materials in your door. A door with a draft causes air to leak, which means your HVAC will work harder than it should. To ensure comfort and high air quality in your home, you may have to look into a door replacement. 

7) Your Door is Difficult to Open and Close 

Most people will admit that they lived in a home where a door, sometimes the front door, was difficult to pry open or keep closed. This is simply a concern no homeowner should have to deal with. If you have a hard time closing or opening your door, this means the material could be rotting and, eventually, your door will have to be replaced. 

8) The Hinges are Loose 

While hinges can easily be replaced, it is important to think about why your hinges are loosening. Sometimes the problem is deeper. An unsteady door can be the cause of loose, squeaky hinges. As we have already mentioned, you should never overlook a door that no longer serves its purpose. In this case, you should look into calling a professional to have your door replaced with a durable and fully-functioning one. 

9) Cracks and Breaks are Noticeable 

A door that has visible cracks and breaks not only decreases a home’s value but also makes your property look more accessible for break-ins. Even worse, cracks and breaks can also cause your door to allow air to escape or create drafts, ultimately interfering with the circulation of air in your home. If you see any other signs of damage including rust, dents, or holes, you should have your door replaced right away. 

10) Moisture Damage is Wearing Down Your Door

A door that retains moisture becomes weak over time. Additionally, any place that retains moisture in your home makes it easy for mold, mildew, and insects to thrive and grow. This, in turn, only makes the problem worse down the line. To prevent bigger problems or concerns with your home, consider replacing your front door with more durable materials such as fiberglass or steel.

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