Upcoming Trends for Entry Doors in 2024

A brown wood entry door at a white El Paso home with a small tree next to it.

An entry door is the gateway to your El Paso home. It offers on-lookers a glimpse into your style and aesthetic. As you set new renovation or style goals for your home in 2024, take a look at some of the evolving entry door trends for the new year. From natural light doors to custom colors, explore innovative ways to make a lasting impression and boost your curb appeal.

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Doors with Natural Light

Incorporating more glass invites natural light and the great outdoors into your home. It’s a way to maximize daylight exposure to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With an El Paso entry door, you can incorporate glass panels, sidelights, or even full-lite doors to enhance the visual appeal of your entrance. Better yet, doors with natural light features decrease your energy usage as they lessen your reliance on artificial lighting during the day.

Decorative Glass

You may remember a trend of stained glass windows back in the day, and while these are still on-trend, there are other ways to incorporate decorative glass into your home. Intricate patterns, frosted glass, and textured surfaces add sophistication and personalization to your entry door. It’s a way to welcome natural light while maintaining a certain level of privacy. 

Taller Front Doors

Nowadays, homeowners are leaning towards entry doors with increased height to create a dramatic effect. Tall doors help give the illusion of spaciousness—especially for smaller homes. It also pairs well with homes with high ceilings because it helps accentuate the architectural features.

Custom Colors

If you’re still rocking classic colors like black or white, there’s nothing wrong with that. But does that really showcase your personal style? Opt for bold and vibrant hues to make a bold statement, or lean towards pastel colors with dark hardware to create contrast. Giving your entry door in El Paso a custom color is a simple way to freshen up your home and add a unique touch. 

Quality Entry Doors in El Paso

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