What Makes Window Replacement Such A Great Option

window replacement

The thought of a child breaking a window with a baseball may seem a bit cliche at this point (until it happens to you, that is.) The odds of a particularly adept child athlete with a baseball bat hitting a ball hard enough to break a window in your home may seem slim. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t worry about your windows. In fact, you’re far more likely to require window replacement than window repairs. Trim Team is ready to help.

Start Thinking About Replacing Your Windows

Perhaps the thought of replacing your windows worries you. Don’t fret! It’s actually a very positive home improvement option that will save you money in the long-run. Not only that but new windows can also boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its market value. Since nothing in a home is meant to last forever, homeowners should keep their windows in mind. Although a complete home window replacement may not be necessary all at once, you might benefit from a home inspection. This way, you’ll be able to know if window replacement is the best route to take. Faulty windows create drafts which let air leave or enter your home. This can result in increased energy bills, since you may be using your HVAC unit more. By replacing your windows, you’ll be able to curb the high energy use.

Windows play a major role in keeping desert homes cool and comfortable year-round. Double and triple paned windows, in particular, can work wonders and keep the sun’s harmful UV rays at bay. These windows can also be filled with odorless, colorless gas that can fight the elements further. If you already had gas-filled windows, it may be time to have an independent contractor let you know if they’re still working as efficiently as they’re meant to be. If not, window replacement may be in your future.

The Time For Window Replacement is Now

Not only are windows great at reducing your home’s energy consumption, they can also make your home look gorgeous! You might not think about it much since windows are, after all, transparent but new windows look much better than old, outdated ones. They aren’t just panes of glass, they have frames as well. These frames can perfectly define your character and give your home a more personalized feel. If you’re ready, Trim Team will be more than happy to guide you through the entire window replacement process. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer!