Window Replacement in El Paso

Professional handyman installing window at home.All too often people don’t understand the importance of window replacement. Windows do so much more than let light into a room. While most windows will perform this function for a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, there are so many benefits to getting them replaced right away.

Added Curb Appeal and Value

If your windows are outdated or weathered window replacement can enhance your curb appeal greatly. Outdated windows are easy to spot. Some may argue that antique windows add character to the property. However, if your house is on the market old windows may be a turnoff for some buyers. This is mostly because older windows do not offer half the insulation or safety features of new modern windows. Aside from aesthetics, replacing old windows can also add value to a home. On the flip side, prospective buyers may be attracted to newly updated windows with energy efficient features.

Energy Efficiency

Window replacement is a great way to cut down on heating and cooling costs. This is because new low-E windows have features that can add insulation to your home. If you are loosing air flow due to faulty, outdated or unsealed windows you could be paying up to 25 percent more on energy costs. Double pained windows with argon gas offer a great deal of insulation. Special film applied to the window also deflects UV rays.

Replacing Broken Windows

Of course window replacement for broken windows offers obvious benefits. However, your windows may be broken, per say, without you realizing it. If you are noticing a whistling noise coming from windows while the AC is blowing you can be sure the seal is broken. Another sign of non-functioning windows is condensation between the two window panes. Simply caulking the windows is one option, however the benefits of replacing the faulty windows altogether may be worth the cost in the long run.

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