Overview of Moulding Types

A professional adding moulding to a white wall in El Paso.

Mouldings are crucial to elevating any architectural or interior design project. As a form of millwork, they provide a finishing touch to walls, ceilings, and doors to transform plain surfaces into classy ones.  At The Trim Team, we specialize in serving our El Paso neighbors with high-quality products at affordable prices. Experiment with our Middle […]

How Moulding And Millwork Can Improve Your Home

working circual saw cutting wood

Millwork and moulding are criminally underrated services that can bring the look of your home together. While you may know us as the door and window experts, we also provide the best millwork and moulding services in El Paso. If you’re looking for a particular look for your home, or are looking for alternatives to […]

Picking the Right Moulding and Millwork for Your Home

Adding moulding and millwork to your home is great way to update it. You can add class and not break the bank while you do it. As most people in El Paso are on a budget, this is also a very affordable option. Besides being affordable there are a few options you can pick from […]

Moulding and Millwork to Add Class to Your Home


Updates to a home don’t need to be major renovation projects. If you are looking to increase the beauty in your home moulding and millwork might be what you are looking for. There are plenty of projects that create a new look in your home without breaking the bank or the walls for that matter. […]