10 Reasons You Should Replace Your Home’s Front Door

Beautiful New Home Exterior at Sunset in El Paso

The front door of your home plays a very important role. It acts as the first impression for your guests, it provides security, and it adds character to your home. If your front door has noticeable flaws, it will fail to perform as expected. If you haven’t yet found a reason to replace your front […]

How A Door Replacement Can Help Your Home

the front of a house after a door replacement

The front door is a vital part of every home. Not only does it create a curbside appeal, but it’s also the first thing people see when they approach your home. So, creating a welcoming entryway might be the first thing you consider when choosing a new front door. However, there are some other vital […]

The Many Functional and Aesthetic Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors 

happy young boy, kid opening the sliding door on rooftop patio area at home

If there is one thing El Paso has in abundance it is sunlight. With over 297 days of sunlight a year, the Sun City is aptly nicknamed. El Paso residents are accustomed to sunny days and homes built in the area are built to accommodate the climate and maximize its unique characteristics. And just like […]

How Choosing Window and Door Specialists Can Save You Money 

worker installing new plastic pvc window

Some people are good at curing the sick, others know how to build a house, we know windows and doors. We have dedicated our professional lives to working with these two features in a home. Getting it right is its own art. Trim Team has years of experience working with individual homeowners as well as […]

Popular Door Styles and What They Say About You 

A bright red door on the entrance of a home.

You use it every day. You likely walk through it, walk by it, and might not realize just how prominent a feature of your home it is. Doors carry a special kind of magic. Trim Team specializes in custom doors and windows and we have seen the way new windows and doors transform an entire […]

The Secret Lives of Doors: How the Front Door Enhances your Home

Black Front door of Traditional red brick home

The door is not just a feature of your home, it’s an entryway into possibilities. The door is a symbol, as we have learned from endless Hollywood films that show the magic on the other side. Who could forget the door that turns the black and white world of the Wizard of Oz into a […]

A Glimpse Into 2019 Door Trends

sliding doors

We shut them, we slam them, we glide them, and we push them. Home doors, whether it be interior or exterior are designed to withstand a lot of activity throughout the years. With time, however, home doors will eventually tell us (squeaky sounds, for example)  it’s time to either give them some TLC or visibly […]

Offering More Than Interior Doors in El Paso

When you have been doing some renovations, it is important to keep your overall themes in mind and interior doors in El Paso can play a major role in keeping things coordinated. However, when you are looking for these specialty products, sometimes it is a good idea to have a company on your side that […]

Exterior Doors in El Paso: Make An Impression

Exterior doors in El Paso serve both an aesthetic purpose and a security purpose. You need doors that are perfectly fit to you door frames so you can keep the doors securely closed in order to keep your house secure and to prevent conditioned air from escaping. You also want beautiful doors that are going […]

Window Moulding in El Paso: Adding Architectural Style

Window moulding in El Paso can add a beautiful architectural detail to your home and ensure that your windows stand out as a focal point on your home’s facade. Your windows should be trimmed both inside and outside in keeping with the style of your house. Having window moulding that is the right design for […]